Michigan Bans Sale of Flavored Vaping Products

Michigan Bans Sale of Flavored Vaping Products

According to Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, the state plans to ban the sale of all flavoring vaping products. Notably, Michigan becomes the first US state to crack down on e-Cigarettes and vaping following widespread reports of illnesses.

In a statement, the state mentions that such sales tend to mislead people into thinking that vaping works as a clean alternative to tobacco use. Accordingly, advertisements that include the terms “safe”, “clean” and “healthy” tries to portray the product as harmless. Which, according to the state, is not entirely the case. Governor Whitmer claims that the move to ban the sale of flavored products works to protect the youth of Michigan.

In essence, the ban against flavored juices lasts for six months. However, it may be extended following consultations and discussions with health experts and the public, reports say. Additionally, the ban does not cover smoking e-cigarettes in its entirety. In essence, the ban only covers the selling of flavored juices laced with nicotine. Hence, you can still smoke e-cigarettes in Michigan, at least the unflavored ones.

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Michigan ban comes after 200 cases of vaping were reported

Subsequently, more than 200 cases of lung-related sickness have been reported in the US from June to August. Apparently, initial reports from experts showed that vaping works as a viable alternative to cigarette smoking. However, experts have retracted this already.

A number of cities including San Francisco and Boulder Colorado have already banned the sale of flavored products before this. However, Michigan’s statewide crackdown figures to be the first in the United States.

Despite the strong opposition towards vaping, the practice still figures greatly in American society. Accordingly, users who are trying to quit smoking have moved to vaping in a bid to quit their nicotine addiction. Hence, the Michigan ban gets opposed by users who simply wish to get their smoking addictions out of their system. Unfortunately for them, the state does not see it as such.


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