Megalodon, the “Deepwater terror,” is it Still Possibly Alive in Today’sAge?

Megalodon, the “Deepwater terror,” is it Still Possibly Alive in Today’sAge?

A 60 ft Shark Carcharocles megalodon or just simply Megalodon is a massive giant sea creature living under the sea and is said to be extinct 3.6 million years ago. But what if the beast still lives on at today’s tech age?

megalodon shark
Courtesy from pixabay

Considered it was extinct nearly 3.6 million years ago, pre-historic underwater is one of the feared predator Megalodon ever lived on in history and many periods ago.

It was during the Early Miocene to the Pliocene period.

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There are estimates of their large jaws that could exert a bite force of up to 110,000 to 180,000 newtons.

Also said it was 5x greater bite force that T-Rex, that sounds powerful.

What’s even scarier is it could ram the Titanic and possibly make it sink.

But would it be possible if the deepwater giant survives still lives on deep waters unknown?

Rumors? Or Truth

Well firstly, there is no actual evidence claiming it was still lurking on all parts of the waters of the world.

However on Marianas Trench, for example, located in Western Pacific ocean.

Some reports that there are bizarre sea creatures found underwater that has not been discovered yet. Is it possible the giant is still lurking there?

And in addition, there have been numerous eyewitness accounts of huge sharks throughout history.

Some various illustrations of gigantic washed up sharks. Plus, there are images of the Pre-historic giant fossils founded throughout decades past.

Courtesy from pixabay
Courtesy from pixabay

We don’t know it might be a hoax or might be something else.

Of course, we definitely want to hear stories about this amazing creature, but it would be really terrifying for sure if we see one.

And consider right at this age, the giant won’t survive long enough as some sea creatures are horribly facing extinction.

Hopefully, the sea will remains healthy, and what would we know? We might find something big down the sea.


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