McLaren to Plan an Hybrid-Drive that Hit 60 MPH Within 2.3 Seconds

McLaren to Plan an Hybrid-Drive that Hit 60 MPH Within 2.3 Seconds

One of the kings of speeds company, McLaren are planning to build an all Hybrid-Drive car that can hit at 60 MPH within 2.3 seconds.

Courtesy from pixabay

Ever wonder what McLaren can do while Tesla Roadster holds the fastest acceleration in all supercars to hit 0-60 MPH in just 1.9 seconds? Well, this might be the answer.

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In an interview with McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt said:

“No to SUVs, eventually for EVs, and yes to hybrids.”

Mike Flewitt

He also stated that British Supercar company plans to produce Hybrid cars lineup, for the next following years.

The company will announce its next generation of Hybrids will start productions next year and will tease vehicles and sales in early 2021.

Mike Flewitt said that the model will use an electrically driven front axle to help it rocket off the line significantly quicker.

He adds that the Hybrids will contain brand new features different from other vehicles produced.

They will insert a plug-in-hybrid powertrain with around 15 to 20 miles of fully-electric range.

He then also claims that the Hybrids will just be 65 pounds, heavier from currently produced cars.

However, they suspect that figure some applies only to rear-wheel-drive cars that will use a new, lighter V-6 engine paired with the hybrid hardware.

Courtesy from pixabay

They will continue to use turbocharged V-8 engines with hybrid capability in its high-end models.

Flewitt quoted about producing SUV’s

“Why would we?”

Also, he said

“We don’t have to.”

McLaren’s CEO is less bullish on battery-electric supercars. He says today’s lithium-ion battery technology is too heavy, too expensive, and not energy-dense enough to support McLaren’s performance values.

The company will hope for something big and advance technology to build vehicles for the next following years.


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