Marc Gasol wins rare NBA, FIBA Gold in the Same Year

Marc Gasol wins rare NBA, FIBA Gold in the Same Year

In a very rare yet awesome feat, Marc Gasol ends the year with two distinct championships to his name. Gasol only becomes the second player, and the first international player, to have won both the NBA and FIBA Championships in the same year.

Late last week, the Spanish National Team beat out the Argentinians for the FIBA World Cup. Despite eventually losing out on MVP honors to co-teammate Ricky Rubio, it was Gasol’s efforts that helped the team. The Spanish National Team finished the World Cup with an undefeated 8-0 standing.

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During the final game, Gasol notched an all-around stats with 14 points, 7 rebounds, and 7 assists. Spain simply out balled Argentina, ending the game at 95-75 to win the Cup.

Marc Gasol is only the second player to sweep both titles

With this feat, Gasol only becomes the second player in Basketball history to have won both titles in the same year. Apparently, Lamar Odom was the first player to do so while suiting up for the Lakers and Team USA in 2010. Hence, Gasol likewise becomes the first non-American player to have won this feat.

Marc, together with his brother, Pau formed one of the strongest frontcourts in international basketball. However, things took a different turn during this year’s competition as Pau had to nurse a number of injuries. Hence, it was up to Marc to man the Spanish armada against other team’s frontcourts. Fortunately, the 34-year-old had enough gusto to break attackers to the paint.

Truly, 2019 has become Marc Gasol’s year. In addition to winning both trophies, Gasol was also named to FIBA’s Mythical Team. He joins Rubio, Luis Scola (Argentina), Evan Fournier (France), and Bogdan Bogdanovic (Serbia). Furthermore, as Spain qualified for next year’s Olympics, Gasol and co. would be starting to prepare for another Gold very soon.


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