Man TWEETS if He Misses Anything after a 75-Day RETREAT

Man TWEETS if He Misses Anything after a 75-Day RETREAT

Man tweets if he misses anything after 75-day retreat
Photo: Twitter / @dthorson

In the past months, people’s lives changed due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic.

While everyone has been struggling to adapt to the “new normal,” a man on May 23 suddenly posted on Twitter, “Did I miss anything?”

Now called a “modern-day Rip Van Winkle,” David Thorson from Vermont, USA is catching up through 75 COVID-19 news cycles.

Mr. Thorson is a podcast host and staff member at the Monastic Academy training center, where he had spent his 75 days of silent meditation in a cabin in remote northwestern Vermont.

During his retreat, animals reemerged from hibernation, the last snow finally dropping, trees and flowers showing of their new skins while dancing as the wind passes by. 

Meanwhile, countries implemented stricter lockdowns, people struggling to survive, and his cousin found true love on a dating app.

Two days prior to the tweet, Mr. Thorson observed, “People at the grocery store seem more anxious than I remember.”

Now, everyone wants to know his reaction to the almost apocalyptic news that happens almost every day since the declaration of the virus as a pandemic by the World Health Organization last March.

David Thorson said everyone was actually on a retreat during pandemic
Twitter / @dthorson

In his interview, he said it seemed people had a “collective trauma” that he did not experience. “To what degree do I have to piece it back together?”

But Mr. Thorson said he believes he did not miss much as everyone in the past months was also on “retreat.”


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