Man Rescued After Being Trapped for 6 Days in a BALI Well

Man Rescued After Being Trapped for 6 Days in a BALI Well

Photo: CNN

A British man in Bali has finally been rescued after being trapped in a well for six days, according to a CNN report.

The rescue team lifted Jacob Roberts, 29, from the four-meter deep concrete pit after a farmer in Pecatu Village found him inside the well.

Gede Darmada, local and search and rescue chief, said a local passing by near the well heard the man’s help.

Meanwhile, officials from the South Kuta Police observed that he looked thin and injured.

The rescue team said Mr. Roberts broke his leg when he stumbled into the near-empty reservoir. He said he fell in the well after he was trying to evade a dog that chased him through the village.

Krishna Maharta, public relations officer of the rescue team in Bali, said the well was too deep he was not able to escape even though the water was not that deep.

The rescue team was deployed the same day after the farmer called for help. Three rescuers went down a ladder and used a stretcher to pull Mr. Roberts to safety.

Photo: CNN

Authorities sent him to a nearby hospital. Attending doctors said he was already in a stable condition. Meanwhile, the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office is already in contact with the hospital.

Further, Ms. Maharta reminded residents to pay attention to wells and put temporary covers to ensure safety.

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