Man Fishing with Magnet Found Grenade Instead

Man Fishing with Magnet Found Grenade Instead

A man fishing with a magnet made an explosive discovery. The magnet fisherman was hoping to find something interesting in the Grand River on Tuesday. But instead, he pulled up something that he never expected.

Joseph Alexander was the man who made the discovery of a mortar grenade in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The Grand Rapids police said the device was a German Granatenwerfer, the device used in World War I.

man fishing with magnet
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Man fishing with a magnet made an explosive discovery

Sgt. John Wittkowski said,

It’s probably been submerged for some time and due to its age it’s probably somewhat innocuous.

He said that the bomb squad did not X-ray the bomb to see if it was still alive. So, they plan to use C4 explosives to destroy it.

Alexander was using a strong magnet tied to a long cord to search for metal objects in the water. Scared and alarmed, he convinced himself that what he is holding is not a bomb.

He took it home and posted pictures of it on social media. Then called the police when people started saying that it was probably real.

So, a bomb squad officer took it away.

Wittkowski said that this may happen from time to time because magnet fishing is becoming a popular hobby nowadays.

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