Man Falls Falls 30 Feet Below Through Home’s Floor

Man Falls Falls 30 Feet Below Through Home’s Floor

Photo: Facebook / Guilford Police Department

A man from Connecticut only had minor injuries after falling through the floor of a friend’s house. The man plunges 30 feet down a well under the house.

The victim named Christopher Town was helping to move the furniture in his friend’s home Guilford last June 28.

Suddenly, he heard a crack from the floor and fell into the well, splashing into a cold water.

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Photo: Facebook / Guilford Police Department

In a Facebook post last June 29, the Guilford Police Department said the how was built 1843 and the well was most likely then located outside the house.

In 1981, an addition and some renovations were done to the home.

“At some point this well was covered with simple wood flooring and no subfloor or well cap,” the Fire Department added.

After his friend called 911, authorities responded in less than an hour. They reported Mr. Town did not touch the bottom of the well because he was able to hang on to a stone wall.

During the operation, rescuers gave him a life jacket and set up a rope system to lift him out.

The Fire Department reminded residents that some old houses may pose hazards to people, specifically those who have yet to undergo renovations. This may lead to accidents or even deaths.


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