Man Complains Lower Back Pain, Finds He Has 3 KIDNEYS

Man Complains Lower Back Pain, Finds He Has 3 KIDNEYS

man complains lower back pain, learns he has 3 kidneys
Photo: Global News

Experiencing a lower back pain for weeks, the Brazilian man finally went to a nearby hospital to get checked. However, after conducting a CT scan, the doctors faced a rare medical condition: the man has 3 kidneys.

The New England Journal of Medicine reported that the man, 38, was initially consulting for his aching lower back.

CT Scan of man who has 3 kidneys
Photo: Indian Times

Later, the doctors discovered in the scan that the man had a herniated or “slipped” disk. It is a relatively common condition in which part of a cushion-like disk between the spinal vertebrae moves out of place.

However, the doctors also found out the man’s odd anatomical feature: he has 3 kidneys—a normal-looking kidney on his left side and two fused kidneys located near the pelvis.

The report said he did not have any symptoms of any kidney problem and the organs are functioning normally.

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There are less than 100 reported cases in the medical literature. The development of “supernumerary kidneys” occurs as a result of abnormal processes during the formation of the embryo or “embryogenesis.”

The report said the man did not need any medical attention for his extra kidney. But he did receive oral painkillers for his back pain.

The patient was treated for his slipped disk and was later sent home.


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