Man “Accidentally” Buys 28 Cars of TESLA Amounting to €1.4-M

Man “Accidentally” Buys 28 Cars of TESLA Amounting to €1.4-M

Man “Accidentally” Buys 28 Cars of TESLA Amounting to €1.4-M
Photo: MSN

A man from Germany just made a “costly” mistake in his life after accidentally ordering 28 Tesla cars worth a total of 1.4 million euros.

According to an MSN report, a man that goes with the username “Ballon-man,” his father wanted to replace their old car with Tesla Model 3.

Currently, there is a double cashback incentive in Germany during the COVID-19 pandemic when planning to buy an electric car.

His father experienced technical glitches while transacting his purchase on the site.

He thought his purchase could not go through. The buyer tried to confirm the purchase order several times.

Man “Accidentally” Buys 28 Cars of TESLA Amounting to €1.4-M
Photo: MSN

After hours of trying, the online site confirms his order, including the other 27 attempts he made during that period.

His overall purchase amounted to 1,404,000 euros, along with 2,800 euros in non-refundable deposits.

Later on, the man immediately requested cancellation of other orders. Tesla realized it was a genuine mistake, helping him to cancel other orders. They even refunded the 2,800 euros in deposits.

Tesla is an American company best known for its electric cars. It also specializes in solar panels and Lithium-ion battery energy storage.

Its first released model was Tesla Roadster in 2008, the very first electric sports car. Meanwhile, Tesla Model 3 is an electric four-door sedan, selling plug-in cars in Europe in 2019.

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