Makeup Artist Shows How to Look Younger Without Using Photoshop

Makeup Artist Shows How to Look Younger Without Using Photoshop

The makeup industry would have a huge part in making people look younger. People usually use it to hide their flaws to feel more comfortable and confident about themselves.

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The true masters of the form are makeup artists, and they can pull off any looks, both conceptual and practical for others to love.

A makeup artist is famous for his outstanding transformations, and it’s all done without the use of Photoshop.

Anar Agakishiev is a makeup artist from Azerbaijan. His work focuses on given women of all ages new look.

The results are so smooth that would normally look as Photoshopped, but it’s all because of his magical hands.

Even his work with women who are middle-aged or older and aren’t “typical” models is extraordinary.

Everyone deserves to feel and be beautiful in a way that would make them happy, and Agakishiev brings that to each of his clients.

He has a specific talent in hiding wrinkles and folds using highlights and contour.

If you want to see more of these incredible before-and-after photos, check out his Instagram, where there are dozens of transformations.

Incredible! If only I could have this ability to add to my beauty routine. I would definitely follow him for some tips!


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