Mach E: Ford First-Ever Electric Mustang Reservations Has Been Sold Out

Mach E: Ford First-Ever Electric Mustang Reservations Has Been Sold Out

The American Muscle automotive Ford has been known for its “Mustang” line. However, they will launch their first electronic car called “Mach E.”

ford mastang mach-e
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I bet do you know someone who owns a Ford Mustang?

Even if it’s your father or mother, your friend, your neighbor or someone you know.

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But guess what? Have you heard about their first electronic vehicle for its line?

Presenting, Ford Mustang Mach E

Introducing Ford’s first electric Vehicle, The Mustang Mach-E.

Courtesy of motor1

Here’s the specs:

  • 5-door SUV
  • Rear Motor, rear-wheel-drive dual-motor, all-wheel-drive
  • 459 horsepower and 612 lb-ft of torque.
  • 190–342 kW (255–459 hp; 258–465 PS) Power
  • 75.7-98.8 kWh of Battery
  • 338–483 km (210–300 mi) of its an electric range

This vehicle is a 1969’s Mach 1 based vehicle.

And Ford wants to help save energy considering the US has charging outlets for the vehicles.

The vehicle has 5 variants, the Select ($ 43,895), Premium ($ 50,600), California Route 1 ($ 52,400), GT ($ 60,500) and the First Edition ($ 59,900).

However, on its announcement, Ford has received a number of pre-orders and possible buyers.

Because back in November, Ford unveiled the car in Los Angeles and began taking $500 refundable reservations.

And according to the automaker, so far, 80% of reservations by U.S. customers have been for the car with an extended range battery, while more than 25% of the reservations have come from people living in California.

Vehicle enthusiasts having a debate about the design especially the Mustang fans for the car being not good in terms of design.

But let’s see how it goes as Ford is planning to do initial release by 2020 or 2021.


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