Lying in Bed Now Gets You a Job in NASA

Lying in Bed Now Gets You a Job in NASA

Lying in Bed Now Gets You a Job in NASA
Photo: Science World

Being a “bed potato” now can finally make you pay the bills, as NASA now offers a job for people who can stay in bed—at least for two months.

NASA and the European Space Agency (DLR) in March last year were looking for 24 participants, 12 men and 12 women, to lie in bed for at least two months with the pay amounting to $19,000.

DLR in a statement said the research aims to observe “how the body changes in weightlessness.” Later on, space scientists will use this study to create methods that can counteract the impacts of weightlessness.

Lying in Bed Now Gets You a Job in NASA
Photo: Forbes

However, like any other job posts, not everyone can qualify. The agency is looking for people age ranging between 24-55 who can speak German.

There will be “15 days of familiarization, 60 days of bed rest and then 14 days of rest and astronaut rehab, where you will be fit for everyday life again,” DLR reiterated.

Further, participants will live in a single room in the facility and “eating, washing, showering, going to the toilet, leisure activities” will take place while lying down. The meal, DLR noted, will not be “extra healthy.”

During the study, researchers will poke the participants with needles and running daily medical tests. Every day, they place some of the subjects in a giant spinning machine called a centrifuge.

Brandon Vessey of NASA said this study is important especially for long-duration missions lasting for a year.

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