Lovely Photos of These Siberian Cats in the Snow

Lovely Photos of These Siberian Cats in the Snow

In Western Siberia, there’s an enchanted place where fabulous cats live on a farm and their owner calls it “Koshlandia” or the land of cats. You will see in this article the lovely photos of those cats later.

Russian farmer Alla Lebedeva and her husband, Sergey has been raising cats on their farm for 10 years where they are free to roam.

The Siberian cats she upkeeps are so lovely that she can’t resist taking countless pictures and videos while they are in the snow.

These cats are so lovely that you can even consider them as majestic. But Lebedeva says that the cats have a better purpose than just being hairy models.

“Our cats guard the chickens and rabbits against rats and mice,” she told The Siberian Times.

Nobody in the world can deny that they are gorgeous and lovely creatures. They can be a model for an animal magazine!

These Siberian cats love their owners so much. “They identify me as their leader or more like a mother and they all follow me,” Lebedeva said. They can also live with her dog and other animals on the farm.

If you wanted to see more lovely photos of these Siberian cats, you can regularly check the Twitter and YouTube account of their owner.

Maybe these cats are more lovely if you see them personally. That’s why if you have a chance to go to Siberia, visit them and tag us on Facebook, okay?


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