Love Is One of The Powerful Kinds of Emotion

Love Is One of The Powerful Kinds of Emotion

In our lifetime, we experience different kinds of love. There is love for family, for friends, significant other, country and love for the higher being you believe in (if you are not atheist).

These different kinds of love also require different treatments and manifestations.

love is one of the powerful kinds of emotion

Above all the relationships that we build, the family is suggestively the relationship that we should strongly invest in as in most cases.

The family is the people that will always have our back no matter what. They are the people who will still be there despite the hardships and our downfall.

They are there to prove that we are not alone and that they are with us in facing the battles of life.

This then makes the quote “Family ends with ily because it never ends as ily is a shortcut of I love you.” true.

Another type of relationship is friendship, friends are the people that you can always count on and are also there to support you in whatever you want to achieve or want to become.

When it comes to loving your significant other, it is the type of love that requires commitment, patience, trust, understanding, and friendship as the basis of your relationship to make it stronger and last.


Every human being craves to experience this type of love in their lifetime as they describe it as the most powerful type since it may bring out the best/worst in you.

Love for country is simply being nationalistic and patriotic of your own country. Lastly, love for a higher being is the type of love that will keep you going as you trust in Him in guiding you throughout your life journey.

How about you? Have you experienced any of these kinds of love already?


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