Love Is Not Enough To Maintain A Relationship

Love Is Not Enough To Maintain A Relationship

Love is one of the key factors for any relationship to last. However, love should not be the only factor for it.


It may be family, friends or romantic relationships. Love is only one out of the many factors it needs in order to survive.

Alongside love, the other factors are respect, understanding, communication, willingness to always forgive and the choice to fix the relationship if ever it gets damaged by either intentional or unintentional mistakes and shortcomings.

love is not enough to maintain a relationship

To elaborate further, respect is needed in a relationship because the people involved in it should have that factor in order to know their limits and boundaries.

This will be shown when things are not smooth sailing, or the relationship is on the rocks.

As for understanding, it is also necessary because even if another factor is present in the relationship, which is “communication”, without comprehension/understanding, nothing will change or improve.

family is love and relationship

One should always understand where the other person is coming from and see things in their perspective for them to further understand why things are why they are who they are.

Lastly, when things are already falling apart, and hopelessness arises in worst-case scenarios, only the willingness to fight for it and the choice to forgive the person will save it.

couple relationship

However, it does not stop there, the person at fault should also admit his/her mistakes and better improve himself/herself.

It is for the relationship to grow and be strengthened amidst the difficulties and trials that life throws at us.


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