Love Conquers All Even If It’s Dementia

Love Conquers All Even If It’s Dementia

Dementia is a general term for the weakening of mental ability that severe enough to hinder everyday life. One example of this is memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of it.

dementia in old people

There’s a man from Aberdeen named Bill Duncan who was diagnosed with dementia in 2011. His wife, Anne, witnessed his illness get worse over the years.

Sadly, Bill forgot his relationship with Anne just last year. Of course, his wife was sad because of what happened. However, there’s an amazing turn of events that occurs between the couple.

Even though the mind has forgotten the memories, but their hearts were never disconnected. Surprisingly, the 71-year old Bill may have forgotten his marriage with Anne, but he was still attracted to her.

Just a few weeks ago, Bill who has dementia made a wedding proposal to Anne. It was a sweet moment for the couple.

But the wife expected that the proposal will also be forgotten just like other things. To her surprise, Bill persisted to continue the wedding.

Anne feared that it would just be a waste of time, but she still buys a dress for the wedding. After a few days, an exclusive wedding rite happened, and the couple is now married for the second time.

It was a sweet and magical moment for the newlywed. Anne even said that,

“I felt like I really was getting married again. My family and friends just embraced it. We danced to the same music as the last time.”

This is proof that love can conquer all even if it’s a mental illness like Dementia. Our minds may forget the person we love, but the heart will always remember.

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