Lost WEDDING RING Found 3 Years Later

Lost WEDDING RING Found 3 Years Later

Lost Wedding Found 3 Years Later
Photo: Newsbreak

A couple in Florida can now again seal their life-long commitment after finding its wedding ring three years later it was lost in a busy restaurant in the city.

In a Facebook post, the popular outdoor feck Coconut finally sent the wedding ring to its rightful owners to New York. The post gained 1,300 likes.

Restaurant Manager Ryan Krivoy said it was an idle day in the restaurant due to COVID-19 restrictions. He then decided to replace the splintered wood.

While cleaning up the debris under the deck, the restaurant discovered several things beneath. It included “plenty of change, expired credit cards, a gold coin that was 165 years old – and a silver wedding ring.”

After the washing the ring, Mr. Krivoy said a name is engraved on it and thought they could find the owner.

Sasha Formica, the marketing manager of the restaurant, said she posted the photo on their social media sites.

The post became viral until someone called and said she is the spouse of the owner of the ring.

Lost Wedding Found 3 Years Later
Photo: Sun Sentinel

Lisa, the spouse of the owner, sent photographs of the ring to confirm it matched.

Lisa explained it was 20 March 2017 when the ring slipped off her husband’s hand. He took it off while he was eating the restaurant’s Scooby Snacks—crab claws sautéed in garlic butter.

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