Los Angeles Teams face off during NBA’s Season Opener

Los Angeles Teams face off during NBA’s Season Opener

The Los Angeles teams face off as the 2019 NBA Season starts today.

The wild blockbuster off-season that saw players move from team to team has finally ended as the season starts today. Accordingly, the 2019 NBA season opens up with a wild match-up between the two Los Angeles Teams, the Lakers and Clippers.

Notably, these two teams scored the biggest names during the off-season. Accordingly, the Los Angeles Lakers acquired star Forward Anthony Davis in a blockbuster deal with the Pelicans. Likewise, they got veterans in the likes of Demarcus Cousins, and Dwight Howard to man the paint. In addition to this, the Lakers solidified their perimeter too with the on-boarding of Danny Green. In essence, the 2019 Lakers roster figures to be their strongest state after almost a decade of poor basketball.

However, the Los Angeles Clippers played the ninja way to get to where they are right now. Over the past couple of months, the Clips signed in Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in multi-year contracts. Moreover, the Clippers didn’t actually lose players in the process. Notably, the Clippers retain reigning 6th Man of the Year, Lou Williams. According to reports from a GM Survey, the Clippers are the heavy favorites to win the NBA Championship this season.

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Los Angeles Teams – Which is better?

If you’re going to look in the paper, both teams seem to be on par with each other. Notably, each team has two superstars in their prime. Additionally, the stars complement each other’s type of play. Furthermore, their supporting cast also works towards the team-first mentality. Hence, it’s really had to say which Los Angeles team would be better at this point in the season.

The NBA Champions Toronto Raptors also start their title defense as they open up the season against the Zion Williamson-less Pelicans.


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