Looking Down at Your Phones Can Cause Neck Problems

Looking Down at Your Phones Can Cause Neck Problems

We all have that friend who is looking down at their cell phone regularly. Most people find it annoying and rude, but it’s very common nowadays.

people looking down at their phones
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Everything is online, the world is now technologically advanced as everything is online. that’s why need our phones to keep us connected.

Aside from the social complications of using your phone in groups or in public, there’s also a physical concern that’s rising as well.

The doctors continuously reminds us the ways that our technologies are hurting us.

For instance, there’s this term “Text neck” or “tech neck” which refers to neck and back pain that a person is experiencing because they look down too much at their phone or other devices.

people looking down on cell phone

Normally, our heads weigh between 10 and 12 pounds, and everytime we look down the gravitational pull causes our head to add about 60 pounds of pressure.

This can lead to an incremental loss of the curvature of the cervical spine. However, some studies show that there are other effects too.

Posture affects our mood, our memory, and our behavior, and it can also change bone and muscle development or the amount of oxygen we can breathe in.

people using cell phone

If we take the time to stand or sit up straight, it can lower stress in the body and make you feel more confident.

We know that we can’t stop looking at our phones. But as much as possible, try improving your posture while using your phone.

You will find yourself in less pain and with a better attention span for the things that matter in life which are the people right in front of you.


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