Long Hours of Commuting is Bad For Your Health

Long Hours of Commuting is Bad For Your Health

Commuting is part of everyday life for an average employee.

commuting to work

Unless your work is home-based, you won’t be commuting all the time. However, most jobs today are not yet designed to be done at home.

That’s why most people will have to commute and travel for an hour or more just to be on time for your job. Most commuters will agree that commuting is the real battle before doing your job.

congested traffic which makes commuting bad

Engaging the congested traffic and freeways will surely take a lot of time and energy. In fact, some studies show that long hours of commuting can take a big toll on your health.

In America alone. the average time of commuters just to get to work is over 30 minutes. While in the UK it is roughly 1 hour.

However, to some countries like the Philippines, they needed a minimum of 2 hours just to be on time for their jobs.

congested train station in the Philippines

Unfortunately, long hours of commuting can lead to obesity, stress, anxiety, depression, elevated blood pressure, neck and back pain.

Why is Commuting Bad For Our Health?

Most people are commuting to go to work because they have no other choice. But if there is another way, it can make a huge difference for your health.

bike to work

Based on the Canadian study of commuters, people who chose to walk or bike had better life fulfillment than those who drive or commute for long hours.

There’s also a study in the U.K which shows that people who drive going to work and commuting causes the people to have a bigger body mass index or BMI.

train station

CNN even reports that U.K. commuters add almost 800 calories to their diet because of eating snacks while commuting.

According to some experts, long hours of commuting can also shorten a person’s lifetime.

Let’s learn more about the effects of it on our health in the video below.

How about you, do you commute going to work or are you a home-based employee? Whether you commute or not, please take note of this article.

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