Local artist creates branching tree-inspired PICNIC TABLE

Local artist creates branching tree-inspired PICNIC TABLE

A massive picnic table named Tree Picnic has caught the attention of many people on social media. Local artist Michael Beitz created this wooden outdoor fixture 6 years ago.

Picture of  a massive branching tree-styled picnic table
Photo by Michael Beitz

The picnic table stretches for about 20 feet by 50 feet. It includes tabletop and attached seating area that resembles a branching tree.

Moreover, this art piece is a contribution of Beitz to a larger community project titled ArtFarms in Buffalo, New York. NYC-based artist and architect David Lage organized the ArtFarm project. Lage convinced Beitz to contribute his artistry for the cause.

Michael was asked to design a growing structure for vegetables. However, he decided to create an organically-shaped picnic table to act as a sort of grow structure for people and then surround it with an apple orchard.

He told in an interview that he aimed for a concept about the sense of time and growth of the family and his community. In addition, he wanted the fruit trees to grow while the table itself decays over the years.

Photo by Michael Beitz

The picnic table was made of Beetle Kill Blue Pinewood. The Beetle Kill Blue Pinewood is the dead standing timber. Bark beetles usually kill this kind of trees. These are insects that have fungus which can change the color of the tree into tones you might not expect.

What’s next for this artist?

Beitz spent about to months creating the table and he was able to enjoy it. The local artist is looking forward to more of his projects in the future. He is also excited to spend his next several months drawing and brainstorming with his 2-year-old son Sasha.

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