Left-handers Are Smarter Than the Right-Handers?

Left-handers Are Smarter Than the Right-Handers?

There has been a lot of discussion or debates on the internet, especially on social media whether the left-handers are smarter than the right-handers.

Many people wanted to know whether it’s true or not because there are 30 million who are left-handers in America alone.

Maybe if this claim will be proven, they will have this bragging right that they are smarter than the other people.

Therefore, there have been different studies that are conducted to prove this claim but none of them did a breaking point to the said matter. Moreover, these empirical studies show surprisingly confusing results.

writing using left hand

Some researchers find that right-handers are more intelligent (Nicholls et al., 2012), while other studies find the exact opposite and prove the claim of the left-handers (Ghayas & Adil, 2007). 

According to psychology science, confusing results are just normal in their field. Certainly, it will take a lot of time and study to further prove this discussion.

On the other hand, scientists found out that left-handers are most likely to have schizophrenia disease. It is a chronic and severe mental disorder that affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves.

The results that these scientists discovered are not yet final and they are still investigating it.

With the effort to determine whether left-handers are smarter than the right-handers, science found another thing and it’s quite bothersome. We hope that the disease-related with the lefties is not that accurate.

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