Leadership Skills We Can Learn From An Eagle

Leadership Skills We Can Learn From An Eagle

Someone said that all people are leaders in their own way. We may have different leadership skills, but we are still leading someone in our lives. It can be your children, your colleagues, or even your neighbors.


However, not everyone is a great leader. Some people are not that good in leadership while some are the best.

So, how can we be a good leader to someone? Let’s look at the leadership principles that we can learn from an eagle.

Leadership Skills of an Eagle: Fly High Altitudes

The eagles usually do not fly with small birds because it will just hinder them to do their best in flying high altitudes.

eagle flying high

Therefore, as a leader, we need to determine the people we should be with. As the Bible said, bad company corrupts good character.

Precise Vision

The eagles have an ability to focus on their prey even it is 5 kilometers away. No matter what obstacles he sees, this amazing creature will not lose concentration on his goal.

precise vision of an eagle is one of the leadership skills we can learn

That’s why a great leader should have a vision of what he wanted to achieve for his team. He or she should remain focused no matter what problems they may face.

Keep Moving Forward

These fantastic flying creatures only eat fresh prey. They don’t want dead animals to be their food.

eagle want fresh prey

The implication of this principle to the leaders is they should not depend on their previous success. We should keep moving forward and think of new ways to success.

Leadership Skills of an Eagle: Embrace the Storm  

Every time a storm is emerging, the eagles get excited. This flying creature is using the storm to fly higher than normal.

It also allows them to rest their wings as they glide through the winds. They are not afraid of the storm rather they embrace it, unlike the other birds who are just hiding.

eagle soaring high the storms

Therefore, as leaders, we should not be afraid to face challenges because this will make us stronger than we used to be. Instead of fearing the storm, let’s embrace it like the eagle and soar high above the storm.

Don’t Stay in the Nest

Usually, eagles are removing the feathers and soft grass in the nest so that their children will get uncomfortable in staying in the nest. If that happens, those eaglets will start flying and face the challenges in life.

leadership skills: don't stay in the nest

Great leaders should not stay in their nest or the comfort zone because they will not grow in there. They should not be afraid to leave and face all the challenges as a leader.

Leadership Skills of an Eagle: Cut or Break Old Habits

When the eagles are growing old, his feathers are getting old too which makes him weak.

leadership skills of breaking old habits

Therefore, this old eagle will go to a solitary place to cut old things. He will pluck out the weak feathers on his body and break his claws and beak on the rocks until he is totally bare.

The eagle will just stay there for a while until a new feather, claws, and beak grow which will make him stronger and fly higher than before.

leadership skills we can learn from an eagle

As a leader, we sometimes need to determine the old habits that we should cut or break because it will just hinder us to grow further. It is quite difficult, but after we cut those things, we will be better than ever before.


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