Latest Images of Mars From the Space Camera of ESA

Latest Images of Mars From the Space Camera of ESA

Latest Images of Mars
Mars, the Red Planet via Pixabay

This week, the European Space Agency releases the latest images of Mars from their Mars Express mission.

This is in collaboration with Roscosmos ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter’s camera.

The Mars Express spacecraft has been orbiting the red planet since 2003.

Since then, the spacecraft was able to send back numerous breathtaking and latest images of Mars, our planetary neighbor.

Moreover, the spacecraft is equipped with High-Resolution Stereo Camera from Roscosmos ExoMars.

That’s why the images that they’ve captured are indeed high-quality and clear to see some specific details.

Here are some of the images they’ve released on the European Space Agency website:

Kovlor Crater, latest images of Mars
Korelev Crater in Mars: Captured by ESA via CNN
Danielson Crater
Danielson Crater in Mars: Captured by ESA via CNN
Mars captured by ESA via CNN

The Mars Express has captured those images in planet’s surface in June 2019 and they were only able to receive it this month.

As you can see in the latest images of Mars, the icy top part of the planet is their ethereal north pole.

Certainly, the north pole of Mars is permanently covered by frozen water and carbon dioxide which thickens and froze the Martian water.

According to the European Space Agency, NASA, and SpaceX, they are not yet done exploring Mars.

There’s a lot of things that must be done including the first step of humans to this red planet.

This may be a long way from today, but still, it’s a bright future that we’re all looking forward to.


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