Lake in India Turns Pink

Lake in India Turns Pink

INDIA Lake Turns Pink
Photo: Outlook India

A crater lake in India turned into pink overnight and scientists are still not sure the reason behind it.

The oval-shaped Lonar Crater Sanctuary Lake in Maharshtra turned from its usual blue-green hue into a reddish pink, according to a report.

Formed after a meteorite hit the earth 56,000 years ago, the lake is famous as the world’s largest basaltic impact crater. Also, it is the third largest crater of any kind formed less than a million years ago.

Harish Malpani from RLT College of Science, Akola said the sudden change of the water’s color might be either because of the microbial activities or human interference.

INDIA Lake Turns Pink
Photo: Strange Sounds

Indian geologist Gajanan Kharat in a CNN report said this was not the first time the lake turned reddish. However, he observed its salinity increased.

“The amount of water in the lake has reduced and the lake has become shallower, so the salinity has gone up and caused some internal changes,” Mr. Kharat said.

The lake was also warmer, leading to an algae bloom. The algae, Kharat explained, turned reddish in warmer temperature, which may have caused the sudden color change of the lake.

Scientists assumed algae bloomed due to minimal human activities nearby the lake, causing accelerated changes in the lake.

Nevertheless, they said they will continue to get samples and generate analysis in the next few days.

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