Kobe Bryant is nothing special, ex-Lakers Trainer says

Kobe Bryant is nothing special, ex-Lakers Trainer says

In a podcast released on Mamba Day, ex-Lakers Trainer Gary Vitti mentions that there’s really nothing special about Kobe Bryant. But he’s the best there is.

According to him, Kobe Bryant was neither among the fastest, nor among the strongest players in the league. He goes further to state that Kobe Bryant was big, but not big enough to battle stronger guys. However, Vitti stepped on the breaks midway. He argued that despite lacking physical attributes, he compensated with a strong mentality and drive towards the game. And this, he claimed, is what made Kobe Bryant earn five rings across his 20-year career as a Laker.

Vitti and Bryant | via nba.com

The podcast with Andrew Bernstein was recorded for an episode of Legends of Sport. Apparently, this interview is part of his promotional tour for his forthcoming autobiography. He is set to release “32 Years of Titles and Tears from the Best Seat in the House: What I Learned About Happiness, Greatness, Leadership and the Evolution of Sports Science.”.

Kobe Bryant’s career with the Lakers spans three decades. His twenty-year tenure was all done with the Lakers. As such, he finished his career as the Lakers’ all-time leader in Seasons Played, Regular and Playoffs Games Played, and Points. In addition, he has five Championship rings to his name and an MVP award.

Throughout his career, Gary Vitti oversaw all of Kobe Bryant’s injuries. He recently retired as the Lakers Team Trainer, having trained Lakers players throughout his 32-year tenure with the club. They remain very good friends to this day.


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