Kit Harrington joins the MCU in an Undisclosed Role.

Kit Harrington joins the MCU in an Undisclosed Role.

Kit Harrington, the star of Game of Thrones, joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in an undisclosed role.

He joins the list of former cast members of HBO’s series who have since taken on roles in the MCU. The list includes reputable actors Peter Dinklage, Sophie Turner, Richard Madden, and Gwendoline Christie. Secrets are abounding as to what role he will assume, but most people believe that Kit Harrington will take over the helm of Wolverine from Hugh Jackman.

Jon Snow as The Wolverine?

As Disney fully acquired Fox, and by extension the rights to all X-Men characters, speculations abound as to who will play the Wolverine.

Kit Harrington seems like a bona fide candidate for the role mainly due to his physical attributes. In the comic book adaptation, Wolverine is portrayed as a small man. This is quite similar to Kit Harrington’s build.

Hugh Jackman has played Wolverine in all X-Men live adaptations for the past 19 years. However, the entire X-Men franchise is set for a full reboot to align it with the MCU. This cross over between the Avengers and X-Men is something that fans cannot wait for. Reports say that this crossing would occur in MCU’s Phase 6, roughly 5 or 6 years from now.

Jon Snow as Another Character?

However, Kit Harrington may still yet likely to portray other superhero characters. With the wide array of story arcs, characters, and plots, he might as well be a candidate for other roles.

Consequently, a number of characters that might fit Kit Harrington would include: Captain Britain, Adam Warlock and Wonder Man, to name a few. w

For now, we wait and watch on the wall.


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