Kim Jong-Un Spent $500G on Russian Horses Over Past Decade

Kim Jong-Un Spent $500G on Russian Horses Over Past Decade

Kim Jong-Un riding a stallion
Photo: Flipboard

Russia reported that under the leadership of Kim Jong-Un, North Korea spent more than $500,000 importing horses from Russia in a decade.

The rogue nation previously staged photo-ops of its great leader Kim Jong Un riding a white stallion.

Last year, the country paid $75,509 to import a dozen Russian purebred horses, as reported by Reuters.

The State media released photos of the president riding a white stallion on Paektu Mountain along with senior North Korean military officials.

Authorities released these photos after his country issued a veiled threat to US over its “hostile policies” of denuclearization.

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In a report, the isolated country had imported at least 138 horses between 2010-2019, amounting to $584,302. The purchases came as its capital continues to push for sanctions relief over its nuclear and missile programs.

Reuters said North Korea has a long history of buying pricey horses from Russia. The country may be bolstering its breed since October last year, reports say.

Kim Jong-Un riding horses with senior North Korean military officials
Photo: Newsbreak

Analysts said the photo of Kim Jong-Un riding a white stallion was designed to instill confidence in North Koreans that they have a leader of strength and destiny holding the reins of power.


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