Kevin Hart was Rushed to the Hospital after Major Car Crash

Kevin Hart was Rushed to the Hospital after Major Car Crash

Comedian Kevin Hart figured in a significant, yet non-fatal car crash early Sunday.

California Highway Patrol reports state that the comedian was riding the freeway in Calabasas, California with two companions when the incident occurred. They were driving his new Plymouth Barracuda. According to reports, Black was turning the car towards a side road when he lost control of the vehicle. Eventually, the vehicle tumbled over leaving Black and their companion stuck in the vehicle. Apparently, Kevin Hart was able to go out of the vehicle and seek medical help from his nearby home.

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Consequently, state patrol requested that Hart and his companions undergo alcohol and drug tests to rule out the DUI angle. According to the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs, alcohol and drug use figure in 10 to 12% of all accidents and car crashes in the said state. Fortunately, medical results have shown that Kevin Hart, Black and Rebecca Broxterman were not drinking before the incident. Hence, the DUI angle was ruled out. However, the investigation continues.

Hart and the driver, Jared Black, sustained multiple back injuries. Fortunately, their third companion, Broxterman, did not suffer any physical injuries.

Earlier this year, Kevin Hart bought the 1970 Plymouth Barracuda to celebrate his 40th birthday. The actor had been posting about the new car on his Instagram profile. Unfortunately, he was only able to ride it for a couple of months.

The actor has been extremely quiet on social media since the incident occurred. According to reports, Kevin Hart has not responded to any call, question, and follow-up since then. Despite this, celebrities took to Twitter to wish him a speedy recovery.

Kevin Hart currently recovers at the Northridge Hospital.


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