Keanu Reeves regains his mojo this 2019!

Keanu Reeves regains his mojo this 2019!

Keanu Reeves has been meme’d many times over the past couple of years. But this year seems to be the year he regains his footing in the industry.

Widely beloved as a genuinely good guy, Keanu Reeves has been in the industry for more than 30 years. The timeless actor has been making films and features since the ’80s. Hence, his resurgence at this point in his career truly polarizes both critics and fans alike.

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2019 is Keanu Reeves’ year.

Keanu Reeves’ resurgence came out of nowhere. Probably due to fate or chance, the films he worked on this year went on to become top-grossing films in the market. Three films that worked well for him were John Wick 3, Always Be My Maybe, and Toy Story 4.

Toy Story 4 going on to become his highest-grossing film ever as it garnered $425 Million in the market.

2020 seems to be his, too.

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As Hollywood wants to bank in on the popularity wave that currently surrounds the John Wick star, two notable film franchises are running after him again.

Due to his popularity, the much-anticipated sequel to The Matrix trilogy has been given the green-light for production. Keanu Reeves has agreed to reprise his role as Neo, as Carrie Anne Moss agreed to come back too. The film will likewise be helmed by Lana Wachowski, the film’s original creator.

In addition to the green-lighting of The Matrix 4, Keanu Reeves is also being heavily sought by Disney Studios. As an organic clamor from Marvel Cinematic Universe fans calls for his participation in the franchise. Fortunately, he has answered the call and is now in talks with Disney. Fans cannot wait to see him play a Marvel Character soon enough.


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