Justin Trudeau, Melania Trump go viral for wrong reasons

Justin Trudeau, Melania Trump go viral for wrong reasons

A photo during the G7 meeting last week placed Canadian leader Justin Trudeau in an awkward spot with Melania Trump.

via CNN

The Prime Minister, 47, and the American First Lady, 49, were in the same hall for the G7 meeting. The first lady was accompanying his husband, US President Donald Trump. During the conference, discussions on glaring world issues were discussed. Among these were the North Korean missile launch, and the burning of the Amazon rain forest.

In the photo, one would see First Lady Melania Trump seemingly leaning towards Justin Trudeau smiling as if hoping to get a kiss on the cheek. Awkwardly, Melania’s husband, Donald, can be seen on the far side of the photograph, seemingly unaware of his surroundings. Funnily, the summit was held in France. Otherwise known as the country of romance.

Evidently, the photo went viral. As people trolled and commented on the photo, the otherwise heated conference eventually took a different turn, apparently. And it’s all thanks to these three comic figures.

A European Pressphoto Agency commissioned photographer accidentally caught the photo while randomly shooting away during the event’s “family photo” time. World leaders from the G7 nations and their spouses were all asked to go on-stage for the meet and greets, and co-mingling with their contemporaries during this time.

Justin Trudeau has been the Prime Minister of the Republic of Canada since 2013. Happily married to his wife of 14 years, Sophie Gregoire, they have 3 children.

Melania Trump is a Slovenian-American former fashion icon.


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