Joker Movie loses Certified Fresh Score in Rotten Tomatoes

Joker Movie loses Certified Fresh Score in Rotten Tomatoes

Mere days after its release, the new Joker movie lost its Certified Fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes.


The first Batman related film to have garnered R-rating hit theaters late last week. To much acclaim and excitement, reports from the Vienna Film Festival mentioned that the film received an 8-minute standing ovation. In essence, this helped build up excitement for the film. However, a number of critics now say they got duped. Accordingly, while the film seemed to be a good one as far as the actors, storytelling, and aesthetics are concerned, fans just seem to not have it.

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However, just because the new Joker movie isn’t Certified Fresh now does not mean that it can’t regain its title. Notably, Rotten Tomatoes does not review movies itself. But it serves as a platform for certified movie critics and reviewers to lay down the cards. Apparently, Rotten Tomatoes has grown into one of, if not the biggest, review sites in the world.

Heavy fluctuation occurring for the new Joker movie

According to a report by, the new Joke movie figures in a high fluctuation incident. Currently, the movie plays around the 70-75% rating, which makes it Fresh – as far as Rotten Tomatoes scoring goes. However, it went down to 69% a couple of hours back. Apparently, to be Certified Fresh, a movie has to maintain a 75% rating and up.

Now, what seems to cause this fluctuation? For one, despite the excellent method of acting, Joker works in the shadows of The Dark Knight. More than 10 years ago, Heath Ledger made one of the most iconic movie performances in history. And fans are split as to which actor better portrayed Joker.

Another reason is the movie being a stand-alone film with no ties to Batman or the DCEU. Apparently, fans are hoping that as Warner finally made a solid comic book movie, this would translate to a new shared universe. However, according to Director Todd Phillips, Joker’s just a stand-alone.

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