Joe Biden Still the Top Dem to Face Trump

Joe Biden Still the Top Dem to Face Trump

Democratic Party Presidential Candidate Joe Biden still prominently figures as the party’s most preferred candidate to race against Donald Trump.

As the preparations for the 2020 US Presidential Elections goes underway, the Democratic Party plans to vet as many candidates as they can. Notably, a string of president wannabes has signified their intent to be the nominee of the party. As the party continues vetting, apparently three candidates emerge as the most preferred by Democrats. However, Joe Biden continues to figure at the top of the list.

In a recent poll, the former US Vice President maintained a double-digit lead against fellow Democrat Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, respectively. Notably, the trend has figured in multiple polls and surveys over the past couple of months. As such, Biden continues to hold massive support from the party and its supporters. However, with more than a year to go before the 2020 elections, a lot of things could still change. Additionally, despite being on center stage for the Democratic caucus, a number of people question his age.

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Joe Biden may be too old to be President

Apparently, should Biden win the presidency next year, he will do so at 78 years old. Thus making him the oldest person to assume the role. Currently, the title of oldest president at the time of election goes to current president Donald Trump. Notably, he assumed the role at 70 years of age. Accordingly, Biden notes that people are very much welcome to question his age and capabilities, it being their right to do so. Subsequently, he assures people that he maintains a strong physical capacity, “I’m in good shape”, says Biden.

Accordingly, US President Donald Trump is expected to run for re-election. As such, his nomination by the Republican Party is all but assured. Reports say that a number of Republican states plan to hold off on their primaries thus giving Trump the automatic nomination.


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