Joaquin Phoenix Won Best Actor in Golden Globe Awards

Joaquin Phoenix Won Best Actor in Golden Globe Awards

Joaquin Phoenix has been a phenomenon on his performance on 2019’s Joker and recently the star won on the 77th Golden Globe Awards.

joaquin phoenix
Courtesy from college candy

Have you seen or heard the movie Joker? Well, great news fans Joaquin Phoenix, the Joker star has a new achievement recently.

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So firstly let’s talk about Joker

So this Todd Phillips film is different from his other titles such as The Hangover Trilogy, War Dogs and A Star is Born.

Due to the fact, Todd is known for his lively and adventurous genre of films,

But on this one, it’s completely different.

Why do I say so? Well kinda obvious if you already watch this film and his previous films.

And getting Joaquin as a protagonist of the film? Well yes.

I mean would everyone think Joaquin will have outstanding performance as the “Clown Prince of Crime” since Heath Ledger did?

Well at first glance we may think he may not show a good portrayal of the Joker but then we see the film and it was like “wow.”

Phoenix did not just bring an outstanding performance but he also makes it iconic.

Fast Forward today

Right now at 77th Golden Globe Awards, Phoenix won the Best Actor in a Motion Picture.

And his speech is viral by the way.

Courtesy from @PropitiousOn3

Congratulations Joaquin! You put a smile on our faces.


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