Jessi Combs, “The Fastest Woman on Four Wheels”, dies.

Jessi Combs, “The Fastest Woman on Four Wheels”, dies.

Jessi Combs tried to beat her own land record but figured in a fatal car crash early this week. She was 39.

According to Terry Madden, one of the members of her race crew, the team did everything they could save the race car driver. Unfortunately, the car crash was too great an ordeal.

Known as “The Fastest Woman on Four Wheels”, the Mythbusters star had been wrecking and building cars altogether. In 2013, she acquired a used Lockheed jet propulsion engine from the US Air Force for a landrace project. As expected, Jessi Combs refurbished the worn-out engine herself before planting it onto a car. Eventually, the North American Eagle project became a success as she beat a 48-year speed record by reaching speeds of up to 394 miles per hour.

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Jessi Combs had been around cars long enough to understand the danger they present. However, this awareness did not stop the race car superstar to go further as she prepared to beat her own record-setting speed. Apparently, the record that she was trying to beat was close to 490 miles per hour. Unfortunately, as Jessi Combs was reaching speeds of more than 300 miles per hour, her self-made jet-car tumbled and burned during a test run in Oregon.

The daredevil rider left a quote on her last Instagram post just days before the incident occurred. Conversely, she mentions that “Those who are willing, are those who achieve great things.”. Generally, it would seem as if the timing of the caption was perfect.


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