Japan Tested Their Snow Machine For 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Japan Tested Their Snow Machine For 2020 Tokyo Olympics

The sun is so high in Japan with a temperature of 25C (77F) but snow fell on Tokyo. Don’t worry, this isn’t a supernatural event or whatsoever, but it’s just test run by the committee of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

For the upcoming summer Olympics next year, Japan wanted to make sure that all the participants and spectators won’t suffer from the extreme heat in their country during that time.

Usually, July is the hottest month in Japan and that’s also the month where the summer Olympics will begin.

To be exact, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will start on July 24, 2020, at Tokyo Bay Zone which there will be 13 venues for the sports event.

2020 Tokyo Olympics
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Back to the snow machine, the main goal of this artificial snow is to lower the temperature and humidity of the event. Moreover, they don’t want the people that would be coming to suffer from heatstroke.

Therefore, the Olympic committee is running a couple of test runs before confirming it to be part of the sports event in 2020.

The first trial of the snow machine wasn’t able to give much effect to the temperature.

That’s why they needed more time to analyze the situation. “What we did today (Friday) is just our first test,” said Tomoaki Matsumoto, an official in the Olympics committee.

“However, we’re not closing the possibility to use it.”

Japan is indeed a country of highly-organized and disciplined people. They are thinking ahead of time from the situation that can happen during the event. Good job, Japan!


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