J. Cole: What Does the Rapper Want to Tell Us About the World?

J. Cole: What Does the Rapper Want to Tell Us About the World?

Jermaine Cole is also known as J. Cole is known for his lyrical construction and depicts of his views about today’s society.

But what is his song was all about? And what does it means to us?

J. Cole rap
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First and foremost who is J. Cole?

Jermaine Lamarr Cole is an American rapper and songwriter and founder of the record label Dreamville.

Born in Frankfurt, Germany and was later on raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina in the United States.

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He was known for the songs like Who Dat, Work Out, No Role Modelz, 4 Your Eyez Only, Neighbors, and ATM.

I can say he was one of the greatest rappers who started the decade back in 2010.

Cole’s rap mainly focuses on himself telling his life, society changes, politics, love, and other topics.

But what people love about him is being real and writing songs that are relatable.

Fan or not, I am sure that you can relate to him as well.

So I’m here to tell you what he could really be mean in today’s society.

J. Cole on today’s problems

Just for example his song “High for Hours,” well it’s not about being high on drugs but it depicts racism.

Take a look at one of the lines of the song:

“American hypocrisy, oh let me count the ways

They came here seeking freedom and they end up owning slaves

Justified it using Christianity would say

Religion don’t mean ****, it’s too much ego in the way”

High for Hours – J. Cole

In lines on the first verse, he explained the racial behavior in the country and using Religion as a power for everything.

This clearly said that it’s a shame if you don’t believe in any form of Religion.

Another example

In this another example of J. Cole’s song, he explained about capitalism:

“But if I had a magic wand to make the evil dissapear

That means that there would be no Santa Claus no more

To bring you Christmas cheer

‘Cause what he represents is really greed and the need

To purchase **** from corporations that make a killin’

Because they feed on the wallets of the poor

Who be knockin’ on they door, every Black Friday

Just to get some **** they can’t afford

Even with the discount, write a check, that **** bounce

But as long as we got credit, it don’t matter, the amount

We just swipin’ **** here, we don’t love, we just likin’ **** here”

He explains how capitalism works on companies by putting advertisements and Black Friday as an example.

“It’s beauty in the struggle, ugliness in the success”

Love Yourz – J. Cole

There’s no doubt that this song is a good song.

In his song Love Yourz, J. Cole believes that you can’t reach the top without struggling first.

Or behind success, there are the struggles before you reach the top.

Just these 3 examples above show that this rapper is not just rapping for his own, but he shows us how to live life.

Or things should really be.

Reflection on his life and success

Cole being left without a father figure also reflected in the song “Breakdown.”

“When it was just me and my brother and my mother played

Father, ’cause no other man bothered”

When they were raised by her mother at a young age, her mother finds a new partner whose abusive towards him and his brother.

He relocated when he was a teen and studied at St. John’s University in Queens in New York to study Major in Communication.

He left not knowing her stepdad left her mom once again for a different girl and her mom being addicted to drugs.

However, if there are struggles, there’s success

But then things change as Cole was a growing star and became known by many, even recognized by Jay-Z.

Jay-Z even signed the artist at his Roc Nation label despite rejecting him.

He also brings his mom as a Grammy date back in 2012.

J. Cole shows that if you want to be a good storyteller do it with a song.


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