Italian Region of Molise Will Give $27,000 to Immigrants

Italian Region of Molise Will Give $27,000 to Immigrants

Sadly, some Italian villages are experiencing worse depopulation crisis. Many of their residents are moving out to bigger cities for better work opportunities.

Just like the Italian region of Molise, they are looking for immigrants to populate their towns.

Moreover, they are willing to give $27,000 to each immigrant family who will move to one of their towns.

Italian Region of Molise
Agnone, Region of Molise, Italy via Wikipedia Commons

The reason why they are doing this is because of their population crisis and they don’t want their villages to be a ghost town.

That’s why they are taking extreme measures to assure the survival of their towns. The money that they will give is on a monthly basis. Those immigrants will receive 700 Euros ($770) a month from the government.

However, there’s a catch to their deal. The immigrants should use the money they will give to start up a small business to help and contribute to the local economy of the town.

“I want our region to undergo a revitalization and prevent our old towns turning into ghost towns,” Antonio Tedeschi, regional councilor of Molise who came up with the idea of giving money. “We must preserve our origins.”

Above all, the region of Molise is particularly encouraging young professionals and couples to be their immigrants since they are still young and full of ideas when it comes to businesses.

This scheme will officially be launched on September 16.


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