It Took A Photographer 6 Years to Capture An Award-winning Photo

It Took A Photographer 6 Years to Capture An Award-winning Photo

Alan McFayden is an incredibly talented photographer who was on a special mission to capture the perfect shot of Kingfisher bird. He took over 500,000 photos and 6 years to capture the perfect one in his pursuit.a

Photographer: Alan McFayden

Aside from those large numbers of photos, he also decided that he would hang in the same place for six years to make his work possible.

If you are not aware, to get striking pictures of the kingfisher bird are very hard to capture because it takes a certain level of commitment to catch them in action. Fortunately, Alan was the right man for the job.

This world-renowned photographer captured another wildlife moment to show us the beauty of the Kingfisher and for us who cannot go to the wildlife and see it for ourselves.

diving shot of kingfisher

The perfect dive shot that he took wherein a kingfisher dropping into a lake takes a long time to make. After taking those shots, he immediately starts spreading the news as he finally accomplished his mission. He spent thousands of hours, days, and months, which took him 6 years. He probably spends most of his time hiding in the trees and bushes to have these perfect shots.

photographer captures kingfisher

We are happy to present Alan’s work to you, and we are very proud of his incredible efforts. Without his tireless work, many of us would not be able to appreciate the beauty of nature on the same level that we have become familiar with.

Seeing Alan’s work will make us appreciate the world and its natural beauty.


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