Is Privacy An Issue When It Comes To Family?

Is Privacy An Issue When It Comes To Family?

All people are entitled to their privacy, may you be a public figure, politician, worldly recognized individual, etc. It is something essential to a human being as it is something, he/she values as a person.


There are different kinds of privacy: personal, family, romantic relationships, etc. It can be both connoted as positive and negative.

Positive in a sense that you still have something to keep or treasure to yourself and negative if it’s something that can be harmful to you or the people around you.

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Having said that, personal privacy is still essential even when you’re with your family especially if the information that you are keeping is something unnecessary to talk about and have them deal with it.

Also, when it comes to being entitled to having one’s privacy, one should also weigh the situation if it’s worth keeping to one’s self or if it’s worth sharing with family or close friends.

Because at the end of the day, not everything is worth sharing and that only the essential parts of your life events will matter.

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You should always keep at least 10-20% of the information to yourself for you to be able to assess everything that’s happening to you and around you.  

This is an important reminder to each one of us. We should not always invade someone’s privacy and our own privacy as well.


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