Irish Leader to Resign as the Parliament Fails to Find a New Leader

Irish Leader to Resign as the Parliament Fails to Find a New Leader

Irish leader Leo Varadkar told parliament that he will resign on Thursday night. This was after suffering a crushing defeat in a parliamentary vote. No clear successor has emerged from the process to lead the country.

Irish leader Leo Varadkar to resign
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Varadkar said he would stay on as caretaker leader after he tenders his resignation to Irish President Michael D. Higgins.

Also, on Thursday, newly elected representatives in parliament voted candidates for the next prime minister. The winner needed 80 votes to take the top seat.

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Incumbent Varadkar won only 36, with the support from lawmakers in his own party Fine Gael.

Micheál Martin, the Fianna Fáil candidate, received 41 votes. He could potentially lead the country if he gets the support from Fine Gael.

Mary Lou Mcdonald won the most votes with 45, he is the leader of the republican Sinn Fein party. But both Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil have ruled out a coalition or partnership with Sinn Fein, which was historically the political wing of the IRA.

Varadkar was elected leader of Fine Gael in 2017, in a historic vote that propelled the former doctor to become the country’s first openly gay taoiseach, as well as its youngest and the first with an ethnic minority background.


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