iPhone Have Security Issues According to Google

iPhone Have Security Issues According to Google

Security alert for all iPhone users according to the researchers of Google. They said that some malicious websites can cautiously access someone’s iPhone and see their files, messages, and even their location.

More importantly, we know that there are billions of people who have these phones from Apple that’s why this is indeed a major security issue for the iPhone users.

security issue of iPhone

In fact, all the hacking incidents in the past two years have affected different iPhone models according to the cyber-experts.

“By just browsing the hacked site is enough for the exploit server to hack your iPhone, and if it is successful, they can also install a monitoring implant,” said Ian Beer, security researcher of Project Zero.

The security flaw that Google has discovered will allow attackers or hackers to have root access to the device. They can also mine from the apps of the users such as Google apps, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more.

Google said that the security issues have affected the iOS 10 up to the current iOS 12 software.

That’s why they immediately informed Apple about it last February and the company will try to fix it on their iOS 12.1.4 update.


Unfortunately, even the malware can be removed from the infected iPhone by rebooting, the experts are saying that the hackers can still maintain access to different accounts and services.

The team that found the security issues of the iPhone is Google’s Project Zero. It is a group of security researchers whose job is to find security issues on the internet and inform the concerned company.

Once the problem is fixed, they are making a public announcement to inform the people about the problem they found.


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