Influencers Can No Longer Promote Vaping and Weapons on INSTAGRAM

Influencers Can No Longer Promote Vaping and Weapons on INSTAGRAM

Facebook and Instagram Influencers can no longer promote vaping and weapons.

On Wednesday Facebook said that such products “long” prohibited in its advertising policies. But they will start reinforcing it in the coming weeks.

Influencers can no longer promote vaping and weapons
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Branded content that promotes alcohol and diet supplements will require restrictions. Although Instagram has yet to specify what those entail.

In June, Instagram rolled out branded content ads. This allows brands to turn influencers’ sponsored content posts into ads to create a bigger audience.

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On Wednesday, the company also said that it’s expanding the branded tools they offer.

Doubling down on such features is a way for Instagram to get into the growing influencer marketing industry because this platform exploded in recent years. Instagram doesn’t have a cut of partnerships between influencers and brands, but the company does make money from branded content ads.

Instagram said in a blog post.

We recognize like counts are an important metric for creators, and are actively working to give professional accounts the flexibility to share relevant engagement metrics, including like counts, with their business partners through new account settings.

Facebook and Instagram’s move to remove vaping and weapons is a good idea for people to be aware of.


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