Indonesia to Ban S&M under “Family Resilience Law”

Indonesia to Ban S&M under “Family Resilience Law”

Indonesia to Ban S&M under “Family Resilience Law”
Photo: The Daily Mail UK

Sadomasochistic (S&M) sex and homosexuality will become illegal under the “Family Resilence” bill in Indonesia. However one lawmaker in late February said the bill is unlikely to pass.

Rieke Diah Pitaloka, a member of Commission VIII at the House of Parliament (DPR), said the bill will mostly not pass due to the resistance from the majority in congress.

The conservative Islamic-based Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) endorsed the proposed measure. However, one lawmaker from the party withdrew support due to the criticisms against it.

According to The Daily Mail, the proposed law penalizes anyone “suffering” from “sexual deviations” such as incest, S&M, and homosexuality.

Offenders have to report themselves and get rehabilitation for treatment. Further, those who failed to report themselves will face the risk of having their children be taken away, either temporarily or permanently.

Indonesia to Ban S&M under “Family Resilience Law”
Photo: Coconuts Jakarta

The bill will also charge offenders with seven years in prison. It will also define the roles of a father and a mother within a home.

In the measure, fathers are responsible to protect their families from threats including alcohol and pornography. Meanwhile, mother will be obligated to “take care of household-related matters.”

Currently, the bill is part of the parliament’s priority list for the 2020-2024 period.

The probable enactment of the bill became a hot topic across the Indonesian online platforms. Netizens expressed their grave concerns over the measure.

Usman Hamid of Amnesty International Indonesia said the measure is a patriarchal bill, setting back progress in gender equality and women’ right protection.

Netizens said the bill will also be harmful to anyone who does not have a marriage certificate.

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