India’s Living Bridges

India’s Living Bridges

India’s living bridges, the more they grow the more they get stronger. Nature can be amazing if we just take a look around. India is engineering marvels out of roots that contain lessons for everyone, not just modern architects.

India's living bridges getting stronger through the years
via National Geographic

Seeing “living bridges” like this would make you an instant nature lover and you’ll surely be if you’re not one.

Researchers say that these little-studied, which can stretch for up to 50 years and can last for hundreds of years can help our cities. Well, help our cities to adapt to the rising temperatures and our climate crisis.

It’s really incredible how strong they are and they are growing stronger over time. They are really anchored to the earth but they don’t have any negative impact on the environment — they part of it,

Said by Ferdinand Ludvig, professor for green technologies in landscape architecture at the Technological University of Munich. Also, one of the authors of the first systematic study of these “living bridges”.

India's living bridges
via National Geographic

India’s living bridges continued

The bridges stretch across rivers and ravines in India’s mountainous Meghalaya plateau. This connects the villages and allowing farmers to access their land easily. They’re all constructed from the aerial roots of the same kind of tree. Which is: Ficus elastica, or the Indian rubber tree.

Let’s hope that the world will soon take action and get ideas from this, making our world a greener place to live in.


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