Indian Woman births Twins at 73 Years Old

Indian Woman births Twins at 73 Years Old

In an apparent twist of fate, a 73-year-old Indian woman gave birth to strong and healthy twins earlier this week. Notably, her husband, 80, could not hide his joy upon seeing their infants.

Particularly, Erramatti Mangayamma underwent In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) to conceive the twins. Apparently, given her advanced age, the doctors decided to have her go through C-section to minimize possible complications during delivery. Fortunately, the twin girls were delivered rather very healthy given the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy.

However, the mother and the infants remain under observation. Accordingly, the doctors who headed the operation says that they will be observed for a period of 21 days. Additionally, the mother’s breast milk will not be given to the infants, and that supply from the hospital’s milk bank will be given temporarily.

“A medical miracle”. That’s how the 10 members medical team explained what happened. Additionally, the delivery was “an achievement of modern medicine” according to the lead doctor. Notably, if the claims on the Indian woman age prove to be true, she would be the oldest person on record to give birth. Apparently, her birth certificate and other government documents are currently being verified by authorities.

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Indian Woman could not conceive before

The Indian woman married her husband more than 57 years ago. Unfortunately, years of trying to conceive a child did not work out for them. Hence, they grew old together without having children. Fortunately for the couple, medical science gave them the opportunity to start a family despite their advanced age.

In an interview with the mother, she mentions that she’s currently experiencing “the happiest time of my life”. Notably, her husband mentions the same thing as they prepare for family life. However, when asked about how they intend to manage, the father says “Nothing is in our hands. Whatever should happen will happen. It is all in the hands of God.”.

Evidently, miracles abound around the world. Here’s to wishing the elderly couple the very best of family life!


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