Husband Brought an Amazon Birthday Cake for His Amazon Lover Wife

Husband Brought an Amazon Birthday Cake for His Amazon Lover Wife

Recently, photographer Emily McGuire shared photos of a surprise she got for her birthday – an Amazon package birthday cake. This incredible idea came from her husband Mac who takes time to notice little details about his wife, such as the fact that she loves online shopping.

Emily said to Bored Panda that she is with her husband for 19 years. While Mac doesn’t always go out of his way when it comes to surprises, she said: “this one is one to remember for sure.”

When Emily first saw the cake, she thinks that it was an actual Amazon box. “At first I thought it was a box, then when I realized it wasn’t I laughed so hard. I really felt like he finally gets me! ”

Amazon Cake
Emily McGuire Photograph Facebook

This cake is so realistic because it has shipping tape and authentic-looking packaging tape was made by Sweet Dreams Bakery of Dunn and cost around $50.

Emily couldn’t resist meeting the baker who made this wonderful idea come to life. She’s very impressed by the cake, she had to share it online.

husband bought an amazon birthday cake
Emily McGuire Photograph Facebook

“Now it’s a running joke in our house about how many packages we receive in the mail,” she said.

Looks like she wasn’t the only one fascinated with the cake as the photos quickly went viral across the Internet with people praising her thoughtful and creative husband.


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