Humans Can Now Breathe Underwater Using This Tech

Humans Can Now Breathe Underwater Using This Tech

We all know that it is impossible for humans to breathe underwater. However, there’s a new technology that is emerging today that might enable us to breathe in deep water.

The new tech, Amphibio, is a 3D-printed accessory that functions as a gill for humans to breathe underwater.

Jun Kamei, a graduate of the Royal College of Art and his partner, RCA-IIS Tokyo Design Lab, are both developing the tech which is a lightweight underwater breathing device.

The main reason for this technology is because of the projected increases in sea levels in the upcoming years.

breathing underwater is possible
Credit: Jun Kamei | CNN

“I was observing at how the future of our city situation will change with global warming and got extremely concerned by facts of water level rise,” said Kamei.

The Amphibio is a two-part 3D-printed garment comprising a vest and a mask made of a “superhydrophobic” (or enormously water-repellent) material.

In other words, the absorbent garment extracts oxygen from the surrounding water and disperses carbon dioxide.

The new technology is currently just a prototype, verified at a small scale in an aquarium.


This project still has a long way before it will be functional. More importantly, they are working on it to finish as soon as possible.

Even though Kamei’s original motivation is a future of flooded cities, he also imagines that Amphibio can be used for leisure purposes too.

This innovative technology is indeed useful. Let’s hope and pray that Kamei and his team will be able to finish this great technology.


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