Hubble Just Released New Images of Saturn

Hubble Just Released New Images of Saturn

The Hubble Space Telescope has finally released new images of Saturn. Apparently, the stunning photos have left people looking and wondering in awe of the ringed planet.

The photo was taken on June 20, 2019, when the gas giant figured to be at its closest to the Earth. Evidently, the people at NASA did not want to let an opportunity as this go by. Hence at a distance of 845,064,821 miles from Earth, they pointed the famed telescope towards Saturn and shot images of the planet. However, what made the photo more elaborate and perfect is that Saturn apparently seemed to want us to see her up close. At the time of the shooting, the planet directly titled towards the Earth, thereby showing its design in details.

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According to reports, the Hubble Space Telescope does indeed spend some time every year to photograph planets in the outer rim territories of the Solar System. In doing so, researchers get to study the physical components and properties of the gas planets. Prior to this photoshoot of Saturn actually, the Hubble just recently finished a photo gig of Jupiter last June as well. However, Saturn’s photo gig is something that’s way more spectacular than Hubble’s other shots.

Hubble Images More Than Just A Beauty Shoot

According to NASA, the Saturn photoshoot figures more than just a beauty and appreciation shoot. Scientists mention that despite its beauty, what we’re actually seeing is a monster in play. In a blog, the mention that:

“These images, however, are more than just beauty shots. They reveal a planet with a turbulent, dynamic atmosphere. This year’s Hubble offering, for example, shows that a large storm visible in the 2018 Hubble image in the north polar region has vanished. Smaller storms pop into view like popcorn kernels popping in a microwave oven before disappearing just as quickly. Even the planet’s banded structure reveals subtle changes in color”.

Either way, for us earthlings, this is beautiful.


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